Monthly Specials!

Our specials change all the time to be sure to visit this page regularly to see what is on sale! Be sure to take advantage of our frequent buyers program. Here at Theresas's, we're always looking for ways of saving you money! Scroll down to see our June specials!

Over 9 pallets of big bags of dog food on special!

19 end caps of on sale items!

buy one, get one free deals!

$5 - $10 off on select big bags of dog food!


Avoderm Dog Food- Buy a small bag, get 4 cans FREE!
Solid Gold Dog Food - 4 lb. bags! $3 OFF!
Natural Balance Dog Food - Wild Pursuit all sizes!
$5 OFF!
Natural Choice Dog Food $5 OFF!
Adult Lamb & Rice 30#
Adult Chicken & Rice 30#
Adult Lamb & Rice Lite 30#
Senior Chicken & Rice 30#
Nutro Farms Harvest 4 lb. bags! 50% OFF!
Red Barn - Buy a can, get one FREE! PLUS! one free fetcher!
Wellness Dog Food - Original Core 26 lb. $10 OFF!
Wild Calling - Buy two, get two FREE!
Zignature Dog Food 27 lb. bags! $8 OFF! All Flavors!
Propac Dog Food - Ultimates 28 lb. bags! $5 OFF!
Under the Sun Dog Food - Adult Chicken 28 lb. $29.99!

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